The “urban jungle” living trend is about bringing nature into our own four walls with indoor plants and making our home greener. Decorating with plants has many advantages: it has been proven to improve the room climate, act as a sound insulation and reduce the stress level. Тhe urban jungle is a style and way of life, touch and mental balance in harmony with the nature

Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and experience, the implementation and realization of each project is not only a great responsibility, but also a passion and fun, and the end result is every time a provocation for new ideas.

Aside from floral design, styling and visual presentation of a particular theme or product are my other great passion. Shooting and presenting high quality images is an obligation for me and there is no place for compromise.

Retro style often comes down to a personal choice. It can be attractive for its own sake, attractive as nostalgia, or simply appreciated because it is deliberately kitsch.