Floral Living

 Flowers and plants have a reviving effect and bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any room. Floral Living is one book with everlasting floral arrangement examples designed by the creative head of the BLOOM’s design studio, Klaus Wagener, and the florist Radko Ivanov Chapov supplies new and inspiring ideas on the subject.

The unusual aspect: besides large decorative objects that dominate the room made from deceptively real-looking artificial flowers, natural branches and dried materials, the book Floral Living also contains numerous small-scale arrangements that can easily be copied by anyone. Wherever living plants are not a suitable option, the new, outstanding quality of their artificial counterparts looks just as impressive. These days, you can hardly tell the difference, especially if they are arranged in a skilled and innovative way. All of the ideas are described in detail and accompanied by explanatory step-by-step illustrations. A book with many new motivating ideas for professionals and other creative crafters.

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I think people trust and hire me because I am good at what I love to do. Proof of this is my striving to perfectionism and refining every detail in my work. Floral design is not only my greatest passion, it is part of my life.

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